Our Services

DT Group offers you a global service.
In order to guarantee true quality service, we have acquired and developed an organisation that combines Expertise with Flexibility .

• A Global Service

DT Group is present across the entire supply-chain:

Domestic Transport
Picking & Packing
Quality Control

Customs Formalities
Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Distribution Center

• Service and Quality Culture

Thanks to its efficient IT Systems, DT Group tracks and traces the flow of your goods by offering you an on-time visibility from the pick-up date to the delivery date.

  • CTT (Cargo Track & Trace)
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Warehouse Management

• An organisation that combines expertise with flexibility

With DT Group, you have a dedicated expert single point of contact who will manage your whole transportation operations, from the pick-up to the final delivery. This includes:

  • Quotation
  • Front and Back Office Organisation
  • Multilingual Staff